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CEIA Hangzhou station makes its debut for AI intelligent manufacturing!
Information 2021-02-07

On September 10, 2020, "the 51st CEIA China electronic intelligent manufacturing series forum" was successfully held in Crowne Plaza Hangzhou. Many famous enterprise representatives, experts and other industry colleagues gathered together to discuss the industry precision intelligent manufacturing and high reliability technology. Radisson technology was invited to participate in this forum, and Ms. Wei Jingchu, a senior researcher, delivered a keynote speech on how AI can be applied to industrial visual standards.

Radisson technology has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, taking deep learning algorithm as the technical core, continuously polishing its technical advantages, and launching a variety of optical detection technology solutions. In this forum, Ms. Wei Jingchu also discussed how to implement AI industrial visual standards and the development direction and technical route of the next generation of industrial visual inspection technology in combination with the company's technology precipitation, which caused a heated discussion among the participants.

With the digital wave, electronic manufacturing industry ushers in new transformation opportunities, but also brings many challenges. How to apply front-end technology in the actual production link has become the key to embrace industry 4.0. At the seminar, Ms. Wei Jingchu explained in detail the exploration and application of radium morning technology in AI in combination with radium morning AI series intelligent products.